About Me

Hi! Thank you for being here. 

My name is Ashley and I am a local Wife and Mom of two boys, from Winnipeg MB. With a background in Holistic Nutrition-clean ingredients and living a healthy lifestyle has always been a huge passion of mine. Since becoming a Mom in 2018, I became very conscious of labels and ingredients on our products we were allowing into our home and using on our bodies. 

Natural remedies, and products are usually what I reach for if I am ever feeling like my body needs support. Our bodies are a powerhouse and when we lean on plant based ingredients its truly powerful how our bodies react. 

With no luck finding products that I truly felt were safe and clean to use on my little ones skin, I started formulating and creating my own little diy products. From there I would share with friends and family and with wonderful feedback and love for what I do, here we are today. 

From personal care products to natural rollers, our products are made with clean, simple, ingredients that are catered to support your body without the added ingredients and fillers our bodies just do not need. 

I am so happy you are here and I truly hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!